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Four years ago, my first born entered mine and my husband's world. I felt ready to accept the changes that were about to happen, but now I look back I realise nothing can prepare you for motherhood. Like so many other mums, my life changed overnight. 


Three years on,  we were blessed once again, welcoming our second son into this world.  Raising my two boys continues to teach me to slow down and appreciate everything around me.  Long nights, tears and countless nappies are all part of the everyday journey called motherhood. 


Recently, and after some encouragement from my sister, I began my own Instagram page and was overwhelmed with the response. Ironically, whilst you rarely get a moment alone as a Mother,  it can be quite lonely at times. However, since joining this new social media community I feel like I have entered a new world.  I love being able to support others and I am grateful for all the support I have received. 


Naturally, I felt the next step was to create my own blog. My writing may not be perfect, my experiences may not be anything out of the ordinary,  but for me they are important and I love sharing my thoughts with you all. In doing so, I am also able to appreciate the small yet sweet moments of motherhood.  


Through this blog, I hope to share my thoughts and musings on all things Motherhood, alongside my personal experiences on mothering two young boys. 


Feel free to join in with this open and honest conversation I am trying to have about my daily experiences, raising my children.


Lots of love

Mum to boys 



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