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October 3, 2017

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Acts of kindness

April 10, 2017


The small gestures can make the biggest difference

Since becoming a mother there is nobody in the world I appreciate more than my own mother. No words would even come close to describing my emotions for her. I have decided from now, that on Mother's Day I will not be posting a long message about how much I love and appreciate her. As this will not do her justice. 


No one will ever replace my mum or even come close to. However there are some ladies in my family who regularly carry out acts of kindness that are very motherlike. 


Some women just have a motherly instinct they come to help out and just having that support makes a very big difference. 


My baby boy just woke up and the weather is beautiful.  My aunt just came over and took my baby boy out for a walk.  She knew that by taking my baby out with her, I would get half an hour to myself. This time I will not use on anyone else. I will use it for myself,  I will shower peacefully, I may even wash my hair and I will get myself ready without anyone else around. 

This may seem totally normal for some but for me it is rare.  I do not have my toddler asking me for anything and I do not have to worry about my baby boy. They are both in good hands and I can just focus on myself for a short period of time. 


My own mum does not live close to me, nobody will be come close to her but there are people around me who perform acts of kindness which are filled with a motherly type of love.


Lots of love,

Mum to boys


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