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October 3, 2017

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Mother's day lunch

April 24, 2017


I need to try and understand him. 


Yesterday my husband booked a lovely lunch to celebrate Mother's Day! He knows I love the food at this restaurant. Even though it is not the most child friendly place we decided to take the chance and go.  From an early age we have taken our son to restaurants so he can learn how to eat different cuisines and also try behave in the correct manner. I have to say it is not always smooth sailing but we still continue to try and go. 


On this particular instance I learnt something about myself. Since becoming a mother of two I tend to worry less and less about what other people think. I very rarely get embarrassed in public anymore. 


Before when my son would have a tantrum in public I would get so nervous, I felt that everyone around me was staring at me. 


3.5 years into motherhood - things are very different. 


When he has a meltdown/tempter tantrum in public, instead of feeling embarrassed, angry or nervous.  I realise he has waves of emotions running through him which he does not know how control. 


I try to ignore the staring eyes around me, I focus on him and try and help him to manage his emotions. I reason with him, I try to hug him, if this does not work I try to let him have his moment. Some may say I am soft or even weak but this is the beauty about motherhood. 


Overtime I realised it is not about what anyone else thinks, it is about me, my son and his emotions in that very moment. 


When these situations arise I have to remember these phases are normal he will grow out of it and he will learn that sometimes you can have certain things and sometimes you cannot. I hope he also realises I do not say no, to upset him I sometimes have to say no, because I love him.


Lots of love

Mum to boys



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