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October 3, 2017

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April 3, 2017

Venturing out with my newborn baby boy. 

Now I look back I remember how nervous I was the first time I went out to a restaurant with my newborn baby.  It seems like only yesterday when we started our adventure together. Initially it was very daunting but as time went on, we managed to venture out a little bit further and further each time. 


I questioned myself at every stage.  Was he too hot or too cold?  Should he be wearing a hat?  What about a pram blanket? The list was endless. 


Now looking back it seems so trivial but I was constantly worried about something. Even transferring him from the car seat into the Bugaboo pushchair seemed so scary at that moment in time. As we arrived at the restaurant I remember feeling extremely anxious, it was the first time I had been to a busy public place after giving birth. I remember feeling extremely overwhelmed. 


I do not think I have the correct words to describe, how I felt, disorientated, anxious, maybe even scared.  Even after my second son was born for the first few weeks I remember feeling mentally and emotionally vulnerable.  I am not really sure why but I felt nervous in big groups and I had to actually walk away from certain situations as well as certain people. 


I clearly remember my husband and I along with my mum carefully placing our little baby into the carry cot bed.  At this point we were not even that confident with setting up the pram but we managed it and our little bubba made his way in to a restaurant for the first time. 


After the initial outing we began venturing out more and more and we realised that actually most restaurants were baby friendly and it was more about how confidently we handled ourselves as a family of three.


As time went on I became more confident and even began enjoying going out alone with my baby, we both loved it. I must admit I miss those days.


Now I look back I would have gone out as much as I could with my newborn baby.


As they get older their bedtime routine becomes crucial and once they start weaning it is another story all together. 


Lots of love,

Mum to boys



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