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October 3, 2017

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Some days are harder than others.

April 17, 2017


Honest motherhood. 



When my sister suggested to me I should start an Insta gram page I immediately started thinking about motherhood and that it is very rarely glamorous and not always filled with happiness.  There are time when it is hard, tiring and also sometimes overwhelming. Nevertheless she encouraged me. From that point on, I have had so many thoughts, ideas, captions and hashtags running through my mind. 


The photo above happened this morning. I asked myself should I post this?  Will people not find it disgusting? Or is it not embarrassing? 


The truth is, it is not embarassing it is reality. If you are a parent or due to become parents.  I am almost certain that you will be in the same position one day. 


Babies and toddlers all get sick, it is very normal and I want to make my blog my reality.  I want to share my thoughts and my experiences regardless of whether they are good or bad. So yes my baby was sick this morning all over the carpet. 

I almost went into a panic, like I would have three years ago with my first son but I realised there is no point in getting worked up. I took a deep breath, looked at him and he gave me a big smile. I immediately realised how much better he felt.  It was going to happen and now it was about how I dealt with it. 


I took of his cloths and sat him in his high chair and began cleaning up. 


This happens, it is normal and it is okay. It will get easier and this stage will soon pass. 


Lots of love,

Mum to boys



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