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October 3, 2017

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Willows Activity Farm

June 17, 2017

A great day out for the whole family 

For the last 2 years my son and I have been lucky enough to visit Willows Farm for his nursery group trip. Willows Farm, is a children’s activity farm located in St. Albans. The farm is a fantastic family day out and is very popular for group nursery trips. We are fortunate in that there are quite a few local farms and parks where we live. Willows Farm stands out as the one of the best. Regardless of our unpredictable weather, there is plenty to do to keep the little ones busy with both indoor and outdoor activities for children of all ages.



The farm has a number of areas where children can visit the different animals and can also feed the animals. The farm has clear detailed instructions about the safety of the children and animals and also have plenty of hand washing stations. I’d like to share my experience of the farm on our most recent trip with my son’s nursery group.



Once we arrived at the farm my son and his friends ran straight towards the farm’s little funfair area. This outdoor area has a few rides as well as three different bouncing castles. Once an individual has purchased an entrance ticket for the farm the children are able to have access to the all the rides free or charge and if you are lucky enough to visit the farm on a weekday like we did hopefully you will not encounter many queues.


One of my favourite aspects of Willows Farm is the Peter Rabbit theme that runs throughout as it reminds me of my childhood. There are specific times during the day where you are able to meet the Peter Rabbit characters. Our nursery group managed to meet Squirrel Nutkin. I personally was a little worried for his safety as the entire nursery class ran towards him. However, he seemed to handle the situation very well and was happy to take a group photo with the class.


During the morning we managed to watch the 11.15am Peter Rabbit show and it really was a pleasure to watch. Personally I am happy whenever my son wants to participate in anything which does not involve bad guys or fighting so for me this experience was a success. The show was fully interactive. It also gave the children a chance to participate and engage with the characters.


One of the newest additions to Willows Farm is the Peter Rabbit activity centre. This consists of a little outdoor activity centre with tunnels, swings, slides and a very cute indoor house with its very own little kitchen. This play area consists of benches and AstroTurf and is also a big hit amongst parents. This provides a carefree environment for the children to learn through imaginative play.


Last year on our visit I was far along in my second pregnancy and I was unable to be involved in some of the animal activities.


Fortunately, this year I was able to participate in all of the activities with my little one. Although this time around he seemed to be more interested in playing with his friends in the activity centre as opposed to visiting any of the farm animals.


Due to the rain this year we were unable to participate in the tractor ride but it is definitely something I recommend. If you have the time on your visit I suggest slotting this ride into your day of activities.


Both times we visited the farm we took pack lunches. All around the farm there are lovely little huts where you can all sit and enjoy some lunch. Unfortunately, after lunch due to the rain we were forced to spend the rest of our time indoors in the tractor ride areas and soft play. There are two different areas of soft play catering for younger and older children and even though this area was extremely busy all of our children had a great time.


During the summer term weekday, tickets are between £9.50 to £14.50 and summer term weekend tickets range between £11.00 - £15.50. I have heard from many parents that they find the entrance prices to the farm quite expensive. 


Adults and children can participate in so many different activities throughout the day that I believe the money is quite well spent. If you are planning to visit the farm in a large group, you can contact the tickets office in advance where they will give you a discounted rate for your entire party.


Willows farm is a lovely day out and comes highly recommend. Over the summer holidays we hope to be able to visit the farm again and maybe even participate in the summer holiday camps and activities.


Lots of love 

Mum to Boys 

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