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October 3, 2017

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The Aspis 8 watch.

July 13, 2017

The Aspis 8 watch is possibly the coolest watch for kids allowing you to track your loved ones at all times.



Recently I was lucky enough to be contacted by the British based company Aspis 8 who have created a new watch which is totally unique. 


Firstly, I would like to thank the Aspis 8 team for sending us this incredible watch and I would like to share with you the details of this super cool gadget. 


When I first read up about the Aspis 8 watch I wondered if it was actually possible that something so simple looking could have so many different technical abilities. To my surprise this very sleek and simple gadget really does have many useful features. 


The Aspis 8 watch acts as a normal time telling watch and as a fitness tool with a built in pedometer.  The watch also works as a, standalone phone which can call out specific emergency phone numbers. In addition to these specific features this gadget is able to receive messages and calls from pre-selected phone numbers.  Personally I feel the most unique feature of the Aspsis8 watch is the inbuilt GPS tracking system. This system works in a way which allows parents to know the exact location of a child who is wearing this watch through their Aspis 8 app on their mobile phones.


My toddler tends to get bored of gadgets and he can lose interest in certain things quite quickly.  However, this watch is so light and durable that he almost forgets that he is even wearing a watch. It also is a great little fashion accessory that does get noticed and many of my son’s friends have commented on how, “cool” the watch looks. Most importantly though the watch has many inbuilt safety features.  When my son is wearing the watch, the Aspis 8 app on my phone allows me to track the exact movement of my toddler and I am able to view his exact whereabouts at all times.


Like most gadgets these days, this watch needs to be activated before use. With the watch comes an official SIM card which currently runs on the EE network. Like all SIM related items, there is a monthly rental fee that needs to be paid. (More details in regards to line rental can be found on the Aspis 8 website.)  The Aspis 8 team is able to organise the activation of the sim card via email and as I mentioned before there is a specific designated application which needs to be download. This application is user friendly and also free to download.


After the watch is ready and set up there are so many great features that can be used via the application and the watch.  The watch in simple terms is seen as a cool gadget for the child but in really is so much more than just a watch.  It is a gadget which can really make a parent feel safe and secure. It allows you to call the watch in needs of emergency and also allows the user to call out to preselected emergency phone numbers if needed.


As my son goes to school in September I always wonder what the correct age is for him to have a phone.  What if he needs to contact me? Of course I know my son is in good hands at his school and I am certain that the teachers will contact me if needed.  However, if there is an emergency the Aspis 8 watch makes me feel a little more at ease. I think It may take me a certain amount of time to teach my son how to use the watch as he is still young and may not understand all the features. However, I feel reassured that the watch cannot be misused by him. It is a simple watch for him but once he’s old enough to use the watch it will be a tool which we can use together to keep him safe.


I really want to thank the Aspis 8 for sending my toddler and I this watch and also for walking us through the set up. My son and I love what the watch has to offer and we would definitely recommend it to other parents with toddlers.  For more information on what the watch has to offer please click on www.aspis8.com


To be honest I wish the Aspis 8 team created a similar watch for husbands too.  I know I would definitely encourage my husband to wear the Aspis 8 watch on his nights out so I could keep an eye on his whereabouts through the night. 


Lots of love 

Mum to Boys 


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