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October 3, 2017

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My Babyzen Yoyo Pushchair

August 4, 2017


Our Babyzen Yoyo 6+ has now gone from our holiday stroller to our everyday pushchair because I find it so easy and convenient to use. 

A few hours ago after lunch, we ended up with an extremely messy high chair. It was so bad that my Dad decided to hose it down outside. After drying it with a towel I felt it was still too wet for my son to sit in so we needed to find an alternative. 


My Babyzen Yoyo 6+ came to my rescue. This pram has now gone from our holiday pushchair to our everyday one just because I personally find it so easy and convenient to use. 


It has been one of the best investments I've made for my child. 


I purchased this buggy a few weeks before we were due to travel on holiday and I find it to be the lightest push-chair I have ever come across.


- On certain occasions I have had to carry the pushchair up and down a small set of stairs with my son sitting it. Even though I don't recommend doing this, there have been times when I have been alone and have been forced to do so. Each time I have had to carry the pushchair I have been able to do so without causing any strain to my back. 


- When folded up I find the pushchair to be so compact and I love the fact that it takes up such little space in my car. I sometimes do not even store it in the boot of my car, as it quite confortably fits in between the middle seats. 


- The pushchair itself only weighs 6.2kg and I love the fact that I can manoeuvre it with one hand leaving my other hand free so that I can also tend to my toddler.


- It opens and folds with such ease and it has a great shoulder strap which means I can carry my baby and the push chair both at the same time. 


- Recently I have started folding the handles down as seen above in the picture and have been using the push chair as a mini chair for my son. I have used it in this way a few times now and it really has worked well for us as a family as my son is securely fastened and can join into family activities and meals. 


This particular pushchair in the image above is the Babyzen Yoyo 6 months plus. There is also a specific newborn version which can be bought in a variety of colour choices . 


The best feature of this product honestly is that it can be taken straight on to the aircraft and stored in the overhead luggage compartment. It means I do not have to carry my son around the airport. The moment I walk off the aircraft I am able to have access to my buggy. 


If you are looking for a light weight, practical and also asthetically pleasing pushchair then the Babyzen is a great choice. I cannot recommend this product enough. It has made trips out with my baby so much easier and it really has been a pleasure to use.


Lots of love 

Mum to Boys 

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