January 25, 2018

I want you know that you are not alone. I understand you. I understand your feelings, your emotions, and your mindset.

Whether you are a first time Mother with a brand new baby or a Mother with young children, I want you to know that I understand how hard being a Mother can be.  Being a Mother can be the most satisfying feeling a woman has. It empowers women, but it can also be one of the most overwhelming feelings a woman has. To the Mother who is doing her absolute best yet still feels like she isn’t enough, I want you know that you are not alone. I understand you. I understand your feelings,...

July 30, 2017

Planning and preparing for one evening out with children.

Last weekend we attended a family wedding reception. The venue was about 2 hours away and the event was set to begin at around 6:00pm. We had set out to leave home around 4:00pm, so that the boys could have a nap in the car on the way there.

The night before the event once the children were asleep, I started thinking about what they would need for the evening to be a success for us as a family. Needless to say I had so many things to organise and I began to ask myself the following:

  • What time will they wake up?

  • When will they na...

June 30, 2017

I want you to know that you hold

a very special place in my heart.

Mothering you has taught me a lifelong lesson. I have learnt to slow down and to appreciate every tender moment.

Having been a Mother to your older brother, I now realize the importance of savouring each and every second, as time really does fly by.  So I want to thank you for teaching me to slow down. In doing so I have been able to sit back, appreciate and actually reflect on daily life.  This has allowed me to try and be a better Mother to both you and your brother.

Just over 19 months ago when I found out you were coming...

June 7, 2017

Happy birthday to you my baby boy


Happy Mother’s Day to me.

Exactly four years ago today I gave birth to you but as they say, the day a baby is born a Mother is also born. – Today for me is like my very own Mother’s Day.

I really can’t quite believe that today you turn four. I do not want to sit here and say that time has flown by so fast because truthfully I do not think it really has. Motherhood is a very unique experience. Some days have been picture perfect and I have been able to enjoy precious moments with you. There have also been days that were extremely challenging and at times I foun...

June 4, 2017

"Sometimes it feels so good to just be by yourself, relax and not talk to anyone" Kristen Butler.

Most nights, once the boys are asleep, I begin thinking about what my husband and I will have for our evening meal. By this point, I am normally too tired to cook anything, let alone cook anything fancy. I sometimes feel really sorry for my husband; I am lucky that he is so understanding and not fussy at all. In fact, recently over the last few evenings he has told me not to worry about cooking and he encourages me to either relax or go out and do something for myself.

So one evening last week after...

May 18, 2017

Self esteem and confidence are so important when it comes to raising happy healthy children.

Since becoming a Mother I have noticed how people love to ask questions:

- So what do you do? 

- Is it your day off?  

- Are you working part time? 

- What do you do all day?

- When are you going back to work?

When my close family and friends ask me these types of questions I immediately get a sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach. I hate questions like this and I constantly feel the need to justify my choices. I sometimes wish I could avoid such conversations. 

People began to ask me these types of...

May 15, 2017

Why do I hear people say to their boys, " don't cry like a girl."

Today my son said to me "Mummy it's good to help rite? I help you lots." This happened just after our humidifier decided to leak all over the floor. (Reason why it's leaking I have no clue and also no energy to even wonder why.)

When I realised the floor was wet, I went to get a towel and I came back to the situation in this photo: 

My son had taken the pieces of toilet roll and attempted to dry up the water for me.  He is so sweet and caring and always tries to help me as much as he can! If he leaves me alone in a room, he s...

May 1, 2017

Mummy I am old enough to look after myself - toddler meltdowns. 

When I am with my toddler I am amazed that within such short periods of time I can feel such a variety of different emotions. 

Yesterday, I was happily enjoying the company of my toddler we had just been for a baby chino with my parents.  It was a lovely afternoon and apart from the usual issues about him wanting chocolate everything was running smoothly.

When we began walking to the car park I was holding his hand and he began pulling it away from me. I kept saying, "Give me your hand please," but something in that moment made him...

April 24, 2017

I need to try and understand him. 

Yesterday my husband booked a lovely lunch to celebrate Mother's Day! He knows I love the food at this restaurant. Even though it is not the most child friendly place we decided to take the chance and go.  From an early age we have taken our son to restaurants so he can learn how to eat different cuisines and also try behave in the correct manner. I have to say it is not always smooth sailing but we still continue to try and go. 

On this particular instance I learnt something about myself. Since becoming a mother of two I tend to worry less and less about...

April 17, 2017

Honest motherhood. 

When my sister suggested to me I should start an Insta gram page I immediately started thinking about motherhood and that it is very rarely glamorous and not always filled with happiness.  There are time when it is hard, tiring and also sometimes overwhelming. Nevertheless she encouraged me. From that point on, I have had so many thoughts, ideas, captions and hashtags running through my mind. 

The photo above happened this morning. I asked myself should I post this?  Will people not find it disgusting? Or is it not embarrassing? 

The truth is, it is not embarassing i...

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